3 Best Mattresses That You Can Buy in India 2023

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Sleep problems impair quality of life but do not belong to the group of sleep disorders.

We have all experienced insomnia and sleep problems at some point in our lives. A lousy mattress can cause an unpleasant condition that brings long sleepless nights and every new day accompanied by headaches, fatigue, and nervousness.

Many reasons affect sleep: lifestyle, daily habits, health, mattress, and space in which we sleep. People who have insomnia have a shorter sleep or sleep inadequately.

When it comes to a good night’s sleep, there’s no doubt that it matters what kind of mattress you sleep on. However, many different types of mattresses are now available, so buying a new one can be a real nightmare.

Experts say that a high price does not have to guarantee better quality. A right mattress should be firm enough to provide support to the back, neck, and legs, and at the same time, it should be soft for comfort.

Tips for buying a mattress

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Experts say that you need to dedicate some time to buy a new mattress, to test several different sleeping surfaces.

Don’t be shy; try different sleeping positions. When you lie on your side, if your shoulders and hips are sagging, if you feel that your spine is not straight, then the mattress is probably too soft. And if you feel pain and discomfort, then the bed is probably too hard for you.

Experts recommend that you buy a mattress as late as possible during the day because people are mostly rested and happy in the morning, so many things look better then.

The best mattress for the back and trouble with allergies

People who have back problems should sleep on firmer mattresses to allow them to lie flatter.

If you are allergic to mites, mold, or anything else, you may want to consider anti-allergy mattress covers. Most people don’t need it, though.

The bed frame is also essential.

Some new mattresses can have different heights, so when you put them to bed, they can protrude a little, depending on the bed. It can be a problem for older people when getting in and out of bed. The height from the floor to the upper edge of the mattress, the one on which it lies, should be 45 centimeters.

Also, the frame of the bed should be checked periodically to ensure that adequate support is provided at the edges and middle of the bed, as the slats in the middle often warp over time.

Extending the life of the mattress

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If you take care of your mattress, i.e., if you turn and turn it over every six months or following the manufacturer’s instructions, then the bed should last for at least ten years.

If the mattress has started to deteriorate with age and can’t afford a new one, you should place a piece of plywood under it to provide additional support.

If you feel the springs running through the mattress and stabbing you in your sleep, a mat made of foam or pillow-like layers is a cheap way to extend the bed’s life.

In the following text, we will list two basic types of mattresses and their main characteristics.

Mattresses with a wire core

Somewhere they are also called mattresses with springs or just wire mattresses. This type of bed is the most widespread, and so far, the best-selling in the whole world. It is characteristic of them that they are quite long-lasting. Only the core of such mattresses is made of wire springs. The strength of the springs, i.e., their quality and durability, determine the durability of the mattress itself. The springs are lined with some other materials, which determine the comfort of the bed.

Mattresses behind the wire core provide excellent support to the body when lying down. When it comes to price, they are cheaper than all other types, so that is another advantage. Of course, in this category, you can also find mattresses of rather poor quality, which do not provide excellent support; they quickly lose their shape. The disadvantage of these mattresses is that they are not resistant to mites and fungi, and according to some opinions, the wire core can attract electromagnetic radiation.

Memory foam mattresses

There are currently several different types of mattresses made of sponge foam. The most famous is undoubtedly the so-called memory foam. These mattresses adapt to the body’s shape, providing excellent support to all parts of the body. They are also resistant to mites, insects, and fungi. Their disadvantage is that they are less durable than those with springs.

Below you can see which are the top 3 best mattresses in India on the market.

1. Wakefit Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress

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If you have been wondering which is the best mattress at an affordable price, it is this model, which is also one of the bestselling in India. It will help you if you have back pain and sleep problems. The model is designed with layers to give excellent support to the back, and the memory foam is shaped according to your body as you move during sleep.

2. Sleepy cat gel memory foam mattress

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The manufacturers of this mattress have gone a step further and have used science and the latest technology in making the Sleepy Cat for superior comfort. In its composition, it has the cooling get crystals that serve to regulate body temperature. Foam is the one that forms all over your body and allows you a phenomenal sleeping experience with a base that possesses the high-density.

3. Sleepyhead 3 Layered Memory Foam Mattress

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It is a mattress for pure enjoyment intended for real bedrooms because it will provide ultimate comfort. The layers of the base will give your back and the whole-body superior support, while the foam will shape as you move in your sleep. This model is recommended if you have back pain because it has the necessary hardness, it is neither soft nor too hard. The cover can be easily removed from the mattress and washed in the machine, which is advantageous.