4 Best Room Heaters in India in 2023

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Winter is certainly a favorite season for many people for a variety of reasons. For example, one of the most common reasons is all the magic that winter brings. Just imagine all the enjoyment that skiing, sledding, snowballing, etc. brings. Also, we must not forget making a snowman as well as pleasantly drinking hot tea in the comfort of your home while watching the snow falling.

However, in addition to these beautiful and miraculous parts of winter, there is another, not so interesting side. We think of the cold that winter brings. When it comes to India, the winter can be quite harsh, depending on part of this Asian country. Anyway, it is certainly harder in the northern parts, primarily because of the Himalayas and the mountain climate. In other parts it is a bit easier, especially if we compare with the temperatures that are characteristic of some other parts of the world (Europe, North America, etc.) where the average winter temperatures are low and sometimes go deep into the minus.

However, cold weather does not have to be a problem for you. Since we do not live in the Stone Age, it is very easy to find a way to warm up, even when it is icy outside. For example, room heaters are a great solution. However, choosing the right one can be difficult because there are several types and generally different characteristics to look out for. To make the selection process easier for you, we have decided to create the next list of the best room heaters in India in 2023. So, if you are ready, let’s get started.

1. Orpat OEH 1220-2000

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Before we say anything about this model, we must say that our list is entirely based on the comments, experiences and reviews of satisfied users. So, everything you will read below is based on facts and real-life experiences.

When it comes to Orpat OEH 1220-2000, this room heater is above all excellent and compactly designed. It will fit perfectly into the interior, regardless of whether you are heating the bedroom, living room or some other room. Speaking of rooms, this heater can heat room of up to 250 square feet.

Also, it is important to say that it comes in two heating modes and that the maximum power is 2000W. As for the two mentioned heating modes, you can set it to 1000W or maximum 2000W. Finally, we must add that this room heater is budget-friendly, quickly heats the space to a comfortable temperature and that it has a 1-year warranty.

2. Solimo 2000-Watt Room Heater

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As you can see in the name of this room heater, it has a maximum power of 2000W. This is identical to the previously mentioned model, but the difference is that this one has several heating modes. However, that is not all because there are also other fantastic features.

First of all, considering wattage, this heater is great for small and medium rooms with a maximum area of ​​up to 200 square feet. Also, this heater by Solimo is characterized by fast heating, which is very important if it is quite cold in the room to be heated.

Thanks to the well-designed thermostat and temperature control knobs, you can set the temperature to hot, warm or cool heating, depending on what you need. We must also mention overheat protection, plastic body as well as automatic shutoff which make this room heater very safe to use. This one comes with a 1-year warranty.

3. Usha HC 812 T 2000-Watt Room Heater

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Another 2000-watt room heater is this one by Usha. When it comes to this manufacturer, the wide range of home appliances they produce are reliable and high quality. Therefore, this HC 812 T 2000-watt room heater does not deviate from this world-class standard.

First of all, we have to say that this room heater is easily portable and versatile due to its few modes of operation. Depending on the desired temperature, you can set it to three different heating positions. Also, if you want the room to heat up faster or slower, then you will choose one of two fan speeds. Speaking of fans, they have a twin blade feature that allows for a more even distribution of hot air.

When it comes to safety, thermal cut-out is very important, as well as overheat and overvoltage protection. However, we especially liked one function, which is the nightlight indicator that allows you to always know where the heater is in the room, even when it is dark. As for the warranty, this Usha HC 812 T room heater has a warranty period of one year.

4. Havells GHRFHAGW200 2000-Watt Comforter

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Last, but not least room heater is this one by Havells. This is excellent and well-known manufacturer of small home appliance in the Indian market. If you have ever used any of their products before, then you are certainly familiar with high quality, durability, but also affordability of many appliances. The same is with this GHRFHAGW200 2000-watt room heater.

Some of the aforementioned heaters can heat larger rooms. However, this one cannot boast of such possibilities because the maximum area of ​​the room to be heated is up to 150 square feet. So, Havells designed this one primarily for smaller rooms.

Still, while it may not be able to heat a large area, this room heater certainly has something to boast about. Namely, the security characteristics are more than superior. For example, if you have to move the heater to another location, you will be able to do so without getting injured and getting burns thanks to the heat-resistant housing. In addition, there is a cooling fan that acts as an overheating protection, but also a safeguard ideal for your children or pets.

The power cord is 8 meters long, while there is also a carrying handle which further simplifies carrying. We must also point out the adjustable thermostat control knob so that you can very easily adjust the desired temperature as well as the adjustable vent angle so that you can easily set the direction and flow of heat to desired place. The warranty lasts for one year, as with all other mentioned room heaters.